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Safety is a core value of Phola Coaches and also the fundamental driver of our management strategy. Our mission is to become the leading bus operator in our field providing mass passenger transport services to clients that are high in quality, professionalism and cost effectiveness. We add value to our clients’ organisations and protect their greatest assets – their people.

The excellent safety record and reputation of Phola Coaches contributes to many of our clients in the Mining, Power Generation, and Construction sectors renewing their long-term passenger transport contracts with us. This is achieved by following rigorous vehicle maintenance and driver-training programmes as outlined below. Phola Coaches implements a number of industry-specific systems and procedures that facilitate effective management and the company is currently in the process of undergoing ISO certification.

Safety - Phola Coaches
Industry-specific systems and procedures that facilitate effective management:
  • Vehicle scheduling and monitoring with detailed record keeping.
  • Performance evaluation models.
  • HR database reflecting employment procedures, as well as compliance to legal requirements for staff and management.
  • Emergency-response procedures.
  • An emergency flow-through plan for minor and serious accidents.
  • Extensive and detailed training programmes.
  • Web-based management reporting and recording system.
  • A health and safety, environmental management plan, which assists in creating and maintaining a safe workplace, as well as implementing responsible environmental management.
  • A fatigue-prevention management system.
  • Various other safety initiatives in place.